22 February 2022 Video

This is how we connect generations in a caring society

We are Social Rebels and Studio Anne Ligtenberg have each presented a design concept that contributes to creating an essential place in society for the elderly. This brings What if Lab: Connected Generations to an end. But ActiZ will continue with the designers and the design concepts! Are you curious what Ronald Schmidt, vice-president at Actiz, thought of the project? And would you like to hear from the design studios what the concepts have become? Watch the video here!

Studio Anne Ligtenberg presented a card game in which each player takes on the role of a senior citizen. This gives people the opportunity to think about their old age in an accessible way. And We are Social Rebels presented the BuurtWoongroep, a flexible housing group that strengthens social cohesion by stimulating collective responsibility in the neighbourhood. For this purpose, they have designed a menu that contains several suggestions and options for shared spaces and services.

Would you like to read more about this card game? Or do you want to know what the menu consists of? Click here!