28 June 2021 News

World Design Embassies and What if Lab initiate Embassy Labs

What if Lab and World Design Embassies join forces in a few Embassy Labs. In these labs, the designers develop concepts that test the visions of the Embassies in practice. The Embassy Labs form an important part of the Embassy programme and will also be presented at Dutch Design Week (DDW) in October. The coming months, two Embassy Labs start for the Embassy of Mobility and one from the Embassy of Safety.

Embassy Lab: The 15-minute city

Mobility is a necessity, not a goal. The concept of the 15-minute city has already been implemented in big cities to increase the liveability of the city. The 15-minute city is planned in a way that all necessary facilities can be accessed by foot or per bike in 15 minutes. Think about supermarkets, sport facilities, healthcare, education, recreation and work locations etc. But what does this mean for the planning of the public space? And what do citizens think is important regarding facilities and the planning of their city? Bygg Architecture & Design will start developing a vision to research how Eindhoven can become a 15-minute city with proximity as a starting point. The ideas will be presented to inhabitants of the city (and DDW visitors) via visualisations to gather feedback that can be used to apply in reality. Read more here!

Embassy Lab: green for gasoline

In the second Embassy Lab of the Embassy of Mobility designers will start an assessment of possibilities regarding mobility concerning a specific neighbourhood in Eindhoven. They will research how mobility can ensure better welfare, more connection and contribute a positive effect to the environment instead of the other way around. Want to know more? Read it here!

Embassy Lab: Young recruit

‘The future belongs to the young,’ is a phrase often heard. But in reality, for many young people, the future lies in serious crime. In particular, in drug trafficking. In ‘Embassy Lab: Young recruits’, we focus on the development of repressive and preventive interventions to protect young people from participating in serious crime.

Embassy Lab: Rethinking Torwash

In this Embassy Lab in collaboration with TNO, three designers are investigating methods and materials suitable for the Torwash installation, a unique technical installation that can dissolve biodegradable plastics. Read more here!

Keep an eye out on our website for the latest updates on the Labs!