19 May 2022 News

What if Lab goes to Malaga

What if Lab goes abroad! Dries van Wagenberg, Programme Manager What if Lab, is one of the speakers at Transferiencias.Design in Málaga. The conference takes place from 19 to 21 May. Curious about what’s on the programme? Then read on!

Mede dankzij de Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Madrid is What if Lab te gast bij de internationale conferentie Transferencias.Design in Málaga. Programmamanager Dries van Wagenberg zal er spreken over het belang van de inzet van ontwerpkracht bij maatschappelijke projecten met impact. Maar hij gaat niet alleen, want What if Lab zou What if Lab niet zijn zonder de ontwerp community. Daarom krijgt ontwerpkracht hier een podium in de vorm van creatief directeur van Greenberry, Alain Dujardin. Hij reist met Van Wagenberg mee naar Málaga om zijn inzichten te delen.

Thanks to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Madrid, What if Lab is a guest at the international conference Transferencias.Design in Málaga. Programme manager Dries van Wagenberg will speak about the importance of using design power in social projects with impact. But he’s not going alone because What if Lab wouldn’t be What if Lab without the design community. That is why the power of design is given a stage here in the form of the creative director of Greenberry, Alain Dujardin. He will travel with Van Wagenberg to Málaga to share his insights.

What is Transferencias.Design?

Transferencias.Design is a three-day conference around design as a tool to transform business, education and other institutions. The focus is on transferring knowledge and experiences of design methods and procedures in the creative sector. A good match with What if Lab!


What if Lab is part of the opening day of the conference where Dujardin and Van Wagenberg will share the stage with Jesse Naylor, one of the partners of Transferiencias.Design. The three also jointly organise two dynamic workshops.

In the first workshop, we will discuss innovative and disruptive processes and methodologies for solving complex challenges. We will specifically focus on inclusive design methods, both digital and analogue. In the second workshop, we will explore the design studio of the future and the future of the design studio.

What can What if Lab mean for your organisation?

Besides organising the labs, we are also available for talks. We always like to invite the design field. Feeling inspired? Get in touch with us.