20 August 2020 News

Five studios selected for ‘Unhindered Participation’!

Over the past weeks, 17 studios have responded to the open call What if Lab: Unlimited Participation. From these registrations the selection committee has chosen five design studios.

In order to design shops that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone, we will have to look and think differently. Not only do we have to look at the dominant majority of users, but we also have to start talking to people with disabilities. This is the only way to serve a group of customers that is as inclusive as possible.

From the 17 applications, the following five studios have been selected on the basis of variation in expertise and approach: 

In the coming weeks, together with experience experts, they will identify bottlenecks that have a major impact on the accessibility of shops for people with disabilities. Once this has been mapped out, the five design studios will develop the corresponding design questions and answers.

In October Alissa Rees, Dogger Concepts, Ink BV, Studio Carbon and Studio Corvers will present their concepts to the clients VWSHEMAINretailIeder(in) and MKB Nederland. Two of the five studios will then be selected for further development of the concept within this What if Lab.