A new vision for unused space under viaducts

What will the meeting space of the future look like? With this question, Sweco, Europe’s largest architectural and engineering firm, participated in the What if Lab: Well-being in the City in 2021. Of the diverse ideas submitted, a five-member panel chose the Shadow Spaces...

3 November 2022
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What if Lab at Dutch Design Week 2022

What happens when you pair designers with major parties from the business world and/or governments? In What if Lab, designers get to work on questions from organisations such as SWECO, ReumaNederland, municipality of Amsterdam, municipality of Eindhoven and Taskforce RIEC. By joining forces, together...

10 October 2022
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Social design offers a new perspective on elderly care

Everyone is directly or indirectly affected by old age. Nevertheless, we prefer to leave the thinking about this to health-care institutions. Due to the double ageing of the population, the elderly who require of care is growing, while fewer and fewer people are employed...

27 September 2022
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These designers see opportunities for the bridges of Amsterdam

Many bridges and quay walls of the City of Amsterdam are at the end of their technical lifespan. Closing a bridge to car traffic means a change for local residents that may be received negatively. While it could also create opportunities. A piece of...

16 September 2022
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