7 April 2022 Video

Third Office for more well-being

Mobility is a necessity, not a goal. To get the care you need, get to work, or seek relaxation. The pandemic confronted us with a new world in 2020: we see that shutting mobility down has a major positive impact on the environment and the liveability of cities. This period offers an opportunity to go back to the drawing board to contemplate livable forms of mobility. It makes it possible to correct the design error of the last century, in which the car was central to urban planning. It makes it possible to correct the design error of the last century, in which the car was central to urban planning. In What if Lab: Out of Home Workspaces, design studio Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe (VEVDL) worked on a design research to improve the liveability of employees. Curious what the concept turned out to be? Read it below!

The forced situation of working from home created a new ecosystem of hybrid working. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages. As we slowly emerge from the crisis, we are at a tipping point. The goal is to increase our quality of life by working 40% less in the office. In addition, a new law change in 2023 requires us to reduce the carbon footprint of our commute.

VEVDL presents Third Office

With a focus on mobility from the human and not from the car, VEVDL presents Third Office. This facilitates workplaces for people who cannot work well from home and do not want to be stuck in traffic every day. It is better for the employee’s well-being and an improved work-life balance.

Third Office allows you to maintain that aforementioned 60-40 split. People can continue to work both in the office and at home, but also within 15 walking or cycling minutes from home. Comfortably and appropriately for the employee. With the work of the day approved by the employer and usual and éxtra facilities.

An initiative of employers, employees and locations emerges. With Third Office as a platform on which workplaces can be booked in advance, from a fixed monthly budget per employee. In possibly surprising locations, which bring in entirely new target groups.

Then less office space will be needed, vacant spaces can be reused and our carbon footprint can be reduced. With additional, stress-relieving opportunities that improve the work-life balance. With real social impact.

In addition, an improved living environment and more inspiration and well-being will result in more loyal staff. This is indispensable in the current tight labour market. And at the same time, more motivated employees improve the company’s performance.

Check out the video VEVDL made!

Currently, VEVDL is researching how to transform the design research into an experiment.