15 April 2021 News

Biome by Studio Carbon changes our take on wastewater

Last Friday, Studio Carbon presented their answer to KaacKai’s design question for a plug-and-play, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing product design for their sewage treatment plant (STP). In the digital “design reveal”, Studio Carbon demonstrated their design to an international audience from South-Africa, England, and the Netherlands.

Studio Carbon approached the project as an opportunity to change people’s perception of wastewater, by reimagining an STP at multiple levels. Together with KaacKai, they challenged everything they thought they knew about water regeneration and sewage treatment.

With Biome, Studio Carbon has demonstrated that technology does not have to be complicated for its users, can be appealing and something to be proud of as an owner. The result is a product so interactive that it makes you want to have a relationship with your wastewater.

Studio Carbon – Biome

Through the entire design process, limitations of prototyping in lockdowns with teams sitting in three continents did not hold Studio Carbon back from frugally testing their ideas and discussing their progress with KaacKai regularly. 

Studio Carbon’s designers look back on a really fulfilling journey so far, due to Kaackai’s support and involvement in the process. When a client truly sees the value that design brings to their business, it gives designers an opportunity to create systems level change and truly push the boundaries.

Sketch for Biome by Studio Carbon

The first steps in the collaboration between Studio Carbon and KaacKai have been taken during this What if Lab. Both parties are looking forward to continuing their journey together further. If you want to stay up to date on any progress, you can follow Studio Carbon on Instagram (@_studiocarbon) or their website and KaacKai via Instagram (@kaackai_za), LinkedIn, or their website.