2 November 2021 News

Studio 1:1 and Sweco start with further development of Shadow Spaces

Sweco’s selection committee indicated during Dutch Design Week that they would like to continue with the concept of Studio 1:1, Shadow Spaces. In 2022, the designers and Sweco will work together on the further development of the concept. Curious why they chose Shadow Spaces? Read it below!

Unused spaces offer new perspectives

Shadow Spaces approaches things differently. In this concept, functional manageability is not the decisive factor, but vitality and the rapidly changing climate are central. Shadow spaces are transformed into green rooms to combat heat stress. 

I’m really looking forward to this, and to getting to work together. Let’s go!”
– Lucas Zoutendijk, Studio 1:1

This circular concept stands out because it utilises the potential of public space: the unused space under viaducts. This idea is based on what is already there, without having to create something new. It also breaks down existing barriers in cities by using viaduct design to connect different parts of the city. And bringing people into contact with each other.

With this design as a starting point, Studio 1:1 and Sweco are working together on the practical implementation in the fields of technology, ecology and biodiversity. Sweco shares time and knowledge for this and makes the direct link with other projects. This concept fits in well with assignments for ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat and cities, for example. Sweco therefore immediately sees this idea as the new standard for other projects in practice.