30 May 2024 News

Design team for future elderly care

The kick-off of What if Lab: Caring Neighbourhoods took place on Wednesday 29 May. The selected design studio morgenmakers will spend the next two years working with three care organisations, Archipel Zorggroep, Coloriet, and Curamare, on the central design question: ‘What if… there were caring communities, living together reciprocally?’

With growing awareness of our society’s need to prepare for new forms of elderly care, there is no time to lose. The What if Lab highlights the need for an inclusive and caring society where people can remain independent and in control of their own lives for as long as possible.

morgenmakers, a design studio known for its curious, committed and creative approach, will work intensively over the next two years with ActiZ, the trade association, and the three participating healthcare organisations. Together, they will form the design team. They will design concepts that promote a reciprocal way of living together, where community members and care organisations work together in a caring network. In doing so, they will also explore the role of elderly care professionals within caring communities.

This is the design team:


Curious, committed and creative – that is what morgenmakers is. With love and energy, they dive into various social issues, really listen to what is going on and shape tomorrow. Fiona and Mieke represent the studio in This What if Lab.

The design team
morgenmakers (Mieke & Fiona)

The care organisations

The three healthcare organisations were carefully selected to represent different scales. They come from all over the Netherlands: Archipel Zorggroep is based in Eindhoven, North Brabant, Coloriet operates in Flevoland, and Curamare in Goerree-overflakkee, South Holland. In doing so, they bring expertise from both city and province.

Archipel (Anne, Saskia en Joan)
Curamare (Lisa)