12 November 2020 Open call

Open Call ‘What if Lab: Clean up your Shit!’

Apply for What if Lab: Connected Generations

How are we going to organize care for the elderly in the future? ActiZ, de sector association of around 400 care organizations challenges you to think about this. This is the perfect organization to work with as it cares for at least 2 million vulnerable elders and chronically ill people. Apply now for What if Lab: Connected Generations.
The Netherlands is rapidly ageing. The demand for care is increasing, while care institutions are struggling with staff shortages.
Demographic developments combined with growing demand, severity of care, and acute staff shortages are forcing us as a society to make new and fundamental decisions about how we want to organise care for the elderly and the chronically ill. To be able to offer them quality, accessible, and affordable care, we have to make fundamental decisions now. Doing nothing is not an option. It cannot be postponed. Healthcare must continue to innovate, and society itself will have to become more caring.
Care organisations have a pioneering role in this. Designers play an important role in making these fundamental decisions. With their imagination, they are able to show us and allow us to experience what care for the elderly might look like in future. It calls for a new, different perspective on future-proof care for the elderly.
What would happen if society would be designed in a way where the life of elderly pluriform groups (in the neighborhood and in nursing homes) are self-evident and have an essential place?

What if… we re-connect generations in a caring society? This is the key design question of this What if Lab

ActiZ formulated two design questions because this question can be approached from different angles: 

1.     Products and services: What new products and services (developed by parties) support an active life for the elderly in a society in which mutuality between generations (including young people) is the norm? How do you facilitate this mutuality?
2.     New types of housing: New types of housing: What if there was housing in the neighbourhood/city/municipality where living, moving, and receiving care and support were flexible for people of all ages? What would this housing look like and what would it require?
With this What if Lab, ActiZ calls on designers to contribute to this challenge and develop a futureproof care system together.
How would you design the place and care of elderly in our society? Click here for the complete briefing and apply!