17 May 2021 Open call

Open call ‘Well-being in the City’

Apply for What if Lab: Well-being in the City

What does the public space look like in a city where citizens feel healthy and happy. Sweco, the biggest architecture and engineering consulting agency of Europe challenges you to think about this. Apply for What if Lab: Well-being in the City.

We stay closer to home during this pandemic. New discoveries are limited to our direct living environment. We visit places in the neighbourhood that we do not know yet, choose routes we have never walked before and come into contact with people we would otherwise never meet. Because of the pandemic we are looking at our direct living environment with fresh eyes. How can we translate these new experiences to an improved version of our current environment?

What if… our public spaces feel like home? That is the key design question of this What if Lab.

In this What if Lab, we work on a new appearance of the public space: a place where everyone is welcome, that contributes to safety and health and that facilitates the interactions between all kinds of different people. Young and old. Poor and rich.

By taking measures in our public space, the livability of a street or neighbourhood can be improved immensely. Designs that contribute to health, well-being, and social cohesion. We have space and opportunity, but how are we going to design things differently? That is what Sweco wants to research together with the designers in What if Lab. How would you design well-being in the city? Click here for the complete briefing and make sure to apply!