30 March 2023 Open call

Open call: Rethinking shared space

Space is limited, and pressure on this space is increasing. Both in inner-city and in rural areas. Especially where the two meet. To continue meeting all the needs and interests of the various landscape functions in our country, we need to take a different look at our spatial structures, layout and use. In which the well-being of and synergies between users are central. In What if Lab: Rethinking shared space, Sweco wants to work with three designers on future-proof, integral and adaptive solutions that connect all these functions. Besides innovative ideas in the spatial domain, Sweco also seeks solutions that touch the social and digital domain.

Think of the places where there is currently friction, where industry opposes housing, mobility opposes liveability or nature opposes agriculture. We can make new choices here. How can we shape mixed-use areas in a positive and future-proof way?

What if…we transformed shared space into sustainable mixed-use areas?

Sweco is looking for three designers or design studios working on the same design question, but each developing their own concept or solution. We are looking for hybrid and adaptive solutions for a future-proof residential, working and living environment, in which both social cohesion and connection with nature have their place. Here, you will work together with experts within Sweco.

Does this subject excite you? Read the brief now and apply no later than 5 May 2023! Sign-up opens op Monday 3 April.