8 September 2023 News

Open call: Upcycled turbines

Designers! We have a new open call, in collaboration with Vattenfall. Vattenfall is an international energy company with one goal: to enable a fossil-free world within one generation. Are you a system designer, industrial designer or (urban) architect, and would you like to get involved in sustainability within the energy sector? Then read more quickly.

As the move towards a zero-energy system progresses, the demand for fossil-free electricity will increase significantly. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for energy. To meet these growing needs in a sustainable manner, the deployment of wind turbines is crucial.

Wind turbines in a wind farm have an operational life of 30 years. After this, Vattenfall may be able to recycle the machines by dismantling them into their original material components for possible reuse. However, this process of reprocessing for a second life involves additional energy costs. While simple recycling is a step in the right direction, the innovation team at Vattenfall recognises that there is untapped potential in directly reusing parts from these decommissioned wind farms.

The parts of decommissioned wind turbines hold the key to unlocking a transformative vision. Hence the question: what if decommissioning a wind farm became a gold mine of resources?

For this, we are looking for designers who will develop scenarios in which wind farms have a small to no material footprint and in which the energy yield of a wind turbine is maximised during its lifetime. As this issue requires various skillsets, we are looking for an industrial designer, system designer and an (urban) architect.

Are you up for the challenge? Read the full briefing here and apply before 5 October.