2 May 2023 News

Open call: Welcome to Eindhoven Design District

A new open call is live! This time in collaboration with Eindhoven Design District. Eindhoven is the design capital of the Netherlands, but this is not (yet) adequately visible to everyone. In October, during Dutch Design Week, you see design everywhere in the city. But where in the public space do you see it the rest of the year? To change that, Eindhoven Design District is calling on designers from Eindhoven to shape an iconic entry into Eindhoven. 

With Eindhoven Design District (EDD), we make the city’s design DNA visible and experienceable. EDD originated from a collaboration between the municipality of Eindhoven, city marketing party Eindhoven365 and Dutch Design Foundation. EDD focuses on design’s social and societal added value: how does design contribute to sustainable, smart and pleasant living together?

Because EDD is not a literal area in the city but a collection of projects and sites throughout the city, there is no unambiguous entrance or beginning to EDD. For that, a solution is needed. An iconic entry that invites visitors to visit EDD and discover what design can do for a liveable and innovative city. And with which we make design visible and accessible to residents, newcomers and tourists in an appealing way. We will shape that entry together!

How can we design an iconic object that attracts, invites and entices visitors to delve deeper? A narrative and interactive object visible from a great distance and to be explored further from nearby. A place that does justice to designers in the city and is accessible to residents and visitors.

Are you an Eindhoven-based designer who dares to think big? But do you also have an eye for the practical framework of this assignment? Read the brief here and apply before 24 May!