8 April 2024 News

Open call: Caring Neighbourhoods

We are launching a new lab in collaboration with ActiZ! ActiZ is the branch association of around 400 healthcare organisations that care and nurse over 2 million vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people. The challenges associated with ageing cannot be solved with care alone. ActiZ is convinced that the whole of society and all parties involved have a role to play here. Do you also want to play a role in this? Then apply for this new lab!

The previous What if Lab with ActiZ was about connecting the different generations. This time it is about the role of neighbourhoods in elderly care. We already see new forms of living, local initiatives in which neighbourhood residents and care organisations form a caring network with each other, or welfare organisations working more intensively with care organisations. But far from everyone has realised that there is no time to lose in preparing our society for new forms of elder care and investing in an inclusive and caring society, where people are independent and in control of their lives for as long as possible.

Sustainable elderly care requires new ways of working, thinking and doing. Three care organisations are actively involved in this Lab (they are being sought at the same time as this open call). Together with the design studios, they will work on the central design issue. This will touch on two themes that play in the sector: Tight and closed labour market and Quality of life. From this thematic perspective, ActiZ has formulated the following question:

What if… there are caring neighbourhoods/communities where residents support each other.
What does this mean for professional care?

Note: The design question will be further refined with the three yet-to-be-selected healthcare organisations, to ensure that the question is also shared from within the organisations. In practical terms, this means that the design question for this What if Lab may still change slightly. The context and cause will of course remain unchanged.

Interested? Read the briefing and apply before 25 April!