The design teams (Photo: Nick Bookelaar)
6 June 2024 News

Design teams for the regenerative city

On May 31, the kick-off of What if Lab: The city that gives back took place. Sweco, together with the selected designers, tackled the question: How can we reduce the negative impact of urbanisation and make cities actively contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment? Curious about who the selected designers are? Read on!

Currently, 55 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050, it is expected that this will be nearly 70 per cent. As a result, the quality of life in these urban areas is under pressure. How can this livability be ensured? How can we design streets, neighbourhoods, and districts that can improve themselves? In other words, how do we create a city that gives back? In three design studios, consisting of designers and various Sweco experts, the teams are tackling these questions.

Fides Lapidaire © Nick Bookelaar
Aukje Goossens © Nick Bookelaar
Kornelia Dimitrova ©
Philippe Rol © Nick Bookelaar

The selected designers

Fides Lapidaire

As a Social Designer, Fides Lapidaire offers unexpected perspectives on complex social issues. From closing the food loop by selling “Broodjes Poep” (Poop Sandwiches) to a series of swimwear that makes water quality visible, Fides Lapidaire sheds a different light on what we think we know with a touch of humour and tangible knowledge. With the experts from Sweco, she will work on a revitalization neighborhood, areas undergoing significant redevelopment and renewal projects aimed at improving the general living conditions, infrastructure, and socioeconomic status of the area.

Volle Grond

Philippe Rol, from design studio Volle Grond, approaches this What if Lab from the perspective of ecopsychology. In a rapidly changing world, he believes we need new horizons: visions of how we live together as humans as part of a much larger living whole. In this lab, he will design with Sweco experts for a development area, a location on the outskirts of the city where new construction projects are taking place.

Massif Architects x Kornelia Dimitrova

In this What if Lab, Massif Architects (Aukje Goossens) join forces with Kornelia Dimitrova. Their combined vision focuses on creating a built environment that is ready for the future. They aim to contribute to the development of cities that are sustainable, resilient, and socially just through innovative and inclusive design. In this lab, they will focus on a station area.

Dutch Design Week 2024

In the coming months, the design teams will work on their focus areas, and the designers will gain access to Sweco’s knowledge and network. During Dutch Design Week 2024, from October 19 to 27, the results of this What if Lab will be presented. This will be their fourth participation with What if Lab!