25 June 2021 News

Meet the design studios of ‘Well-being in the City’!

It is time to reveal which design studio’s will be participating in What if Lab: Well-being in the city, a collaboration with Sweco. Sweco has made the difficult choice of choosing just three. The three studios are going to work on a new appearance of the public space. A space where everyone is welcome, contributes to safety and health, and facilitates the interaction and encounters between different people. These are:

Studio 1:1

Studio1:1 is a Rotterdam based multidisciplinary design studio founded by Design Academy Eindhoven graduates Eveline Visser and Lucas Zoutendijk. Their practice focuses on research and design for public space. In all their designs, the environmental designers are working with the spike tension between natural and urban facets. Their cross-sectoral approach results in innovative projects like the award-winning Ecological Energy Network, The Biological Clock and Urban Ant City.

Rombout Frieling Lab

Rombout Frieling makes matter move man. The design studio creates environments that make people behave a bit smarter, by specifically using qualities of nature and our bodies. Take a look, for example at Station of being where a bus stop is transformed into a comfortable resting place. 

Olifantenpad CS

Olifantenpad CS believes that spatial design requires a collective and cooperative approach. One that combines the expertise of different designers and experts. Olifantenpad CS is united by a mutual interest in the changing role of urban citizens within spatial design processes, and the parts technology and psychology play in this. As a result, their projects create a new kind of spatial design process with the deliberate use of technology to put human well-being at the centre of smart city solutions.