15 December 2022 News

Stepping into the world of rheumatism

Crooked hands, thick joints and little physical independence. That’s what people often think of when they hear the word Rheumatism. Unfortunately, rheumatism has a much bigger impact on people’s lives. In cooperation with ReumaNederland, we launched the What if Lab: Make rheumatism i̶n̶visible in May 2022. ReumaNederland wants answers to the question: How do we make life with rheumatism palpable? Muzus presented the interactive installation Reuma (in)visible during Dutch Design Week 2022 (DDW22). Read on to read more about the concept.

When you are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a search for a new balance begins. You will face challenges you did not know before. Not only will you learn to cope with the pain and fatigue, but you will also have to make daily choices that affect your life, and the lives of those around you. The impact of rheumatism is huge. But who can understand that when you can’t see anything on the outside? Friends, colleagues and even family members or doctors far from always understand what rheumatism really means.

Dealing with this constant challenge requires a new mindset. From all of us. How can we organise our society so that people with rheumatism can participate without hindrance?

With the installation Reuma (in)visible, Muzus invites people to step into the world of someone with rheumatism for a short while. You no longer just watch from a distance, but experience for yourself what it can be like to live with rheumatism. This is how we start the conversation and work together towards a society where there is more understanding of the consequences of rheumatism.

Reuma (in)visible – Muzus (photo: Max Kneefel)

Curious about the responses of DDW22 visitors? Check out the video below!

Video: Sofie van Greevenbroek