What if Lab

What if Lab challenges the business community and design world to come up with specific answers to current issues.

How does it work?

What if Lab links relevant clients to talented designers so that they can work together to find solutions to challenging design questions. The What if Lab trajectory is supervised by Lab Managers from Dutch Design Foundation. Conacts us to discuss the posibilites of a new lab. 


These designers see opportunities for the bridges of Amsterdam

So how can we shape the transition of the use of such a bridge in such a way that the change is received as added value in a neighbourhood? In What if Lab: Bridging the gap, a social and a spatial designer will collaborate to develop a future vision for these bridges.

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Create a challenge

Does your company have a design issue, and would you like to work with designers to come up with an innovative and appropriate solution? Get into contact with us!

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Enter a challenge

Do you, as a designer, like the challenge of major innovation and design questions? Keep an eye out on the updates page for the latest open calls

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These are the participants in 'Totally Local'

What would the world look like if cities could provide for their own needs? This is what Sweco and designers will research in What if Lab: Totally Local. Curious about which designers these are? Then keep reading!

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