13 August 2021 News

Check out the concept for ‘Equal Opportunities’

The past weeks, Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Studio Tast and (ink.) have been working on solutions that positively contribute to financial security. What if Lab: Equal opportunities has been commissioned by ABN AMRO. Curious about the three concepts? And do want to find out which design studio ABN AMRO has selected for the next step? You’ll read it below!

For this What if Lab in collaboration with ABN AMRO, three design studios are approaching the design question: What if… Financial security is not defined by gender? This resulted in three very interesting concepts, each with their own approach and perpective. The concepts and corresponding titles are still in development, but we already give a sneak peek below.

Studio Tast

Studio Tast presented Roots, a physical conversation tool that maps the financial impacts and risks of real-life scenarios. Roots stimulates people to initiate the conversation and, if desired, offers in-depth information online.

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken developed Goaldigger, an app that aids people in setting and achieving goals on the road to financial security. The app unites people, stimulates the exchange of ‘lessons learned’ and gives an overview of actions that can make a difference.


(ink). introduced Bau, a package that employers can give to employees who are expecting family expansion. In this package, you find everything you need in order to balance work and private life. This way it contributes to psychological safety when combining (new) parenthood with work. Just like the other concepts, Bau is a conversation starter.

And… Who will it be!?

Impressed by all the concepts, ABN AMRO eventually decided to continue with (ink).. With this concept, (ink). approaches financial inequality by creating space for modern parenthood. It makes positive strides towards increasing financial stability, accessible to a wide group of people. The design studio is now in the process of further development. The results are exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2021, from 16 to 24 October in Eindhoven.

What if Lab: Equal Opportunities

ABN AMRO wants to contribute to equal opportunities for all. As a bank, ABN AMRO is in a position to help, to have a social impact. Not because they have to, but because ABN AMRO believes that this is part of their role in society. In this same society, women are less financially secure than men, which is caused by, among other things, income inequality, lower pensions and unequal division of care responsibilities. The designers in this lab approached the question: What if… Financial security is not defined by gender.