19 October 2021 Video

Gender equality and inclusion are central to ABN AMRO at DDW21

In collaboration with What if lab and Dutch Design Week (DDW), ABN AMRO uses the power of design to tackle gender inequality in the workplace and accelerate the transition to equal opportunities. Design is a vital link in solving social issues. Important themes can be put on the map with the use of design power. That is why ABN AMRO is the main sponsor of DDW. 

Equal Opportunities Pavilion

During DDW21, socially engaged designers tell a story about a fair society that draws strength from diversity and does not exclude anyone. They also reflect on how to get there. With a world of equal opportunities as a common goal, ABN AMRO and What if Lab teamed up with young, creative designers. The results of this will be shown during DDW in the ABN AMRO Equal Opportunities Pavilion on Ketelhuisplein (Strijp-S) in Eindhoven. 

Holiday gift Bouw Box

At the beginning of DDW21, socialdesignstudio (ink)  and ABN AMRO introduced the ‘Bouw Box’: a specially designed leave gift, which aims to open up the conversation about taking leave, which is now causing gender inequality in the workplace. The gift is for anyone expecting a child, but it’s intended to encourage men in particular to take paternity leave. This appears to be an important link in achieving (financial) equality between men and women. 

Prospective parents who are employed by ABN AMRO will now receive the Bouw Box as a leave gift. It is the intention that the gift will later also be available to other employers in the Netherlands. For example, the bank hopes to normalize all men taking six weeks of partner leave.
In addition to the Bouw Box by (ink), designer Mies Loogman of Enlightens developed ‘Our ABN’ in 2020, a card game that lets people experience what it feels like to be excluded and at the same time encourages inclusion by starting a conversation. This project is also part of the ABN AMRO Equal Opportunities Pavilion during Dutch Design Week.