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13 October 2023 News

Game Changers Asia – Circular Design Conference

The way people live globally and the impact of economic development has an increasingly damaging
ef ect on the planet and society. How can circular design accelerate the missing link to create the healthy
future we all want to live in?

During the Game Changers Asia – Circular Design Conference, by CreativeNL; designers, innovators and creative industry leaders from Asia and Europe will gather in the livestream studio at De Effenaar, Eindhoven. Here, the speakers discuss what circular alternatives we need to design. How to design systemic change. How we can visualise different perspectives. And present tangible solutions. All from an East-West perspective. At DDW23, CreativeNL welcomes several delegations from Hong Kong, China, Japan and Indonesia. Together with Dutch designers and innovators, they will venture into circular design from the perspective of cross-cultural collaborations, societal challenges and different cultural backgrounds.


Conference – Part 1
Panel –  Circular Design in Indonesia, Hong Kong, EU
Lucas de Man (Embassy of Circular & Biobased Building, NL/BE)
Roger Wu (Curator & Architect, HK delegation)
Gosha Muhammad (What if Lab, Jakarta delegation) 

Conference – Part 2
Circular Alternatives
Ivana Mik – Food fermentation Designer, NL
Devana Ng – #invisible bag, HK

Systemic Change
Pim van Baarsen
 – Social designer, Dutch Design Award 2023 winnaar, NL
Metabolic – System thinkers, NL


Watch the livestream online. The direct link to access the online livestream will be available after completing registration.

Language: English
Entrance: Free

Rather be there physically at the Effenaar, Eindhoven? You can do that too! Click here for more information and register.