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FAQ - general questions
For whom is What if Lab intended?

Commissioning parties, i.e. clients (government organisations and non-governmental), can submit a 'challenge'. Designers can then sign up online to start work on this challenge. For some challenges, we are also looking for project managers to supervise the processes. They can also apply online.

Is there a maximum to the number of projects I can participate in?

No. Designers and Lab Managers can sign up for any open What if Lab. Please pay close attention to whether the design challenge fits your work and your schedule. Following registration, a selection procedure will take place, after which you will be informed if you have been selected to participate.

FAQ - Designer
How do I register?

First of all, create an account. With this account you can sign up for open challenges. During the registration process we will ask you to answer a number of motivational questions and discuss relevant projects, so you do not need to offer any solutions yet.

What is the lead time for a What if Lab?

This depends on a number of factors and is consequently different for each What if Lab. An average project has a lead time of a few months. In the briefing for each What if Lab you can see the lead time and participation conditions for this 'challenge', so it is clear in advance what you are signing up for!

What do I get for my participation?

First of all, for your participation in a What if Lab, you will receive a fair fee for your hours. In addition, you get an opportunity to expand your portfolio, work on an interesting and current design challenge, expand your network and possibly be invited for a follow-up assignment.

What happens when What if Lab comes to an end?

It is our objective to create sustainable long-term collaborations between clients and design studios. In addition, there is the possibility, by mutual consent, to participate in Dutch Design Week.

How does What if Lab deal with Intellectual Property?

We believe it is important that there are clear agreements on this for all parties, which is why these are communicated in advance in the participation conditions.

Does participation in What if Lab also mean exposure at Dutch Design Week?

No, not always. This differs per What if Lab and depends on the client’s wishes and the question. Clients often choose to show the project at DDW, but this is not a requirement.