16 June 2022 News

These are the participants in ‘Totally Local’

What would the world look like if our cities were fully self-sufficient? This is what Sweco and designers will research in What if Lab: Totally Local. Curious about which designers are selected? Then keep reading!

For this Lab, Sweco is looking for a wide outlook when it comes to the design question. The design question will therefore be submitted to three designers/design studios, each of whom will elaborate an answer to a relevant specialised theme. The result will be a wide range of solutions, which Sweco can use to move ahead to the future. The three designers who will each work on one of the themes are:

Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven – Water

The changing climate and polluting substances threaten our water quality. Water shortage may hit if we do not act. The European Water Framework Directive is aimed at achieving clean and healthy water throughout Europe by 2027. This calls for local thinking and being prepared to abandon our traditional water system. Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven will focus on this theme the coming months. 

About Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven (STV) develops materials and products from organic waste streams, with circularity as a starting point. This often means that STV is working on an entirely new value chain in which hyper-local raw material, processing and application must be brought together while also taking into account biodiversity, water quality, energy consumption and emissions.

“This What if Lab is the perfect tool to generate answers to complex issues about sustainable transition. For me as a designer, it is very inspiring to have access to SWECO’s experience, knowledge and specialism because that is exactly what I need to utilise my qualities.” – Tjeerd Veenhoven

Tjeerd Veenhoven

Studio Floris Schoonderbeek – Food

The more local your food, the lower your carbon emissions. Local production prevents food wastage, increases consumer awareness, improves biodiversity, nature and animal welfare, and leads to a fair price for the manufacturer. Smart solutions are required, bold ideas or an entirely new food system. Studio Floris Schoonderbeek will take on this theme!

About Studio Floris Schoonderbeek
The world around us changes, and with it, needs change. Studio Floris Schoonderbeek develops products and art objects that respond to these new needs. Practical solutions for a creative life and a more beautiful world. The studio is characterised by innovation, experience, functionality and sustainability.

“Multidisciplinary research is the way to arrive at new insights into how we can arrange or use our environment differently. This What if Lab is an ideal setting to explore a big topic like food with Sweco’s knowledge and expertise and come up with new suggestions and solutions.” – Floris Schoonderbeek

Floris Schoonderbeek

Bram de Vos – Energy

About 90% of our energy consumption currently consists of fossil fuels. Drastic measures are required to make the transition to sustainable energy sources, like wind and solar energy. Small steps are not enough for this transition. It is time for a huge leap forward in sustainable energy. Bram de Vos will be working on this theme in the coming months!

About Bram de Vos 
The common thread in Bram de Vos‘ work is that he provides answers to the ‘pain’ cities are facing. This is a mix of complex questions about our living environment. Bram is the bridge between the worlds of new abstract ideas and ‘where the questions lie’. He designs the overarching plan, where many disciplines work together for new possibilities.

“It is great to work with a company like Sweco towards the future. Especially because I think we need each other. More and more companies and the government are looking for new perspectives. Designers who can work on many levels will be of great importance. It is a time of ‘daring to do it’.” – Bram de Vos

Bram de Vos