13 October 2023 News

This is What if Lab at DDW23

With Dutch Design Week around the corner we share all things What if Lab in one clear overview! In this article, you will not only find new projects from current labs. You will also read about projects that were developed in previous labs and have been developed further. Find out which former participants of What if Labs will be at Dutch Design Week 2023 (DDW23). And find out at which events What if Lab is a guest.

Current labs

What if Lab: Rethinking shared space

Think of places with friction: where industry opposes housing, mobility opposes liveability or nature opposes agriculture. In What if Lab: Rethinking shared space, designers, in collaboration with Sweco, make new choices for these areas. Space & Matter, Starling Associates and cocosmos have each developed future-proof, integral and adaptive solutions to shape the mixing of functions (mixed-use) in a positive and future-proof way. Curious about the concepts? Read more here

You will find Rethinking shared space in Klokgebouw Hall 1.

Mensenkenners – © Almichael Fraay

These projects are developed in past What if Labs

(ink). – Mensenkenners

Inclusivity is a muscle and needs to be trained just like any other – and that is what the Mensenkenners project is all about. Public places too often contain barriers for people with disabilities. The goal of Mensenkenners is to lower these obstacles, not only literally but also figuratively. During DDW23, Stitching Mensenkenners participates at the Embassy of Inclusive Society – a gym built within the Van Abbemuseum where everyone can train their inclusivity muscle. Hop on the Mensenkenners bike and start your training by entering the world of Debby, Jessica, Maurits, Rowan and Sep. Get answers to questions you never dared to ask and insights you never thought about before.

You will find Mensenkenners in the Van Abbemuseum.

Floris Schoonderbeek – CircleFarm 

Floris Schoonderbeek makes another appearance at DDW. The project, CircleFarm, which he developed last year in What if Lab: Totaal Lokaal i.c.w. Sweco, has further developed on his own initiative and is showing in the Evoluon together with Rosalie Apituley. Communal Circlefarming is a method by which growing food together connects people and nature. The Compass creates a circular vegetable garden that is accessible via the work beds and provides a comfortable, accessible and social context to work and stay in.

You will find CircleFarm in the Evoluon.

Studio 1:1 – Green for gasoline

Green for Gasoline by Studio 1:1, originating from an Embassy Lab in collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven, is again part of the Embassy of Mobility. This concept for a liveable street with more greenery and high resident engagement will be realised as a pilot in public space in Eindhoven at the end of this year.

You will find Green for gasoline in DONNA.

Former What if Lab participants at DDW

We also like to give attention to the many former What if Lab participants.
For example, you will find Tjeerd Veenhoven in the Microlab with The Watershed Moment. Drempelloos by Studio Corvers is part of the Embassy of Inclusive Society in the Van Abbemuseum. Bram de Vos is part of the Embassy of Food in the Evoluon. Social Design Studio Muzus is curated in the Embassy of Health with the project Een rookvrij leven voor iedereen (A smokefree life for everyone). And VANTOT is featured in Kazerne with a light installation.

What if Lab is part of these events

Game Changers Asia – Circular Design Conference

During the Game Changers Asia – Circular Design Conference, by CreativeNL; designers, innovators and creative industry leaders from Asia and Europe meet in the livestream studio at De Effenaar, Eindhoven. Here, the speakers discuss what circular alternatives we need to design. How we can design systemic change. How we can visualize different perspectives. And present tangible solutions. All from an East – West perspective. At DDW23, CreativeNL welcomes several delegations from Hong Kong, China, Japan and Indonesia. Together with Dutch designers and innovators, they will venture into circular design from the perspective of cross-cultural collaborations, societal challenges and different cultural backgrounds. What if Lab participants Pim van Baarsen and Gosha Muhammed are part of the speaker panel. Read more about the event and how to attend here.

Expert session circularity in wind energy by Vattenfall

During DDW23, Vattenfall is hosting an expert session on October 24 on circularity in wind energy. What does the energy infrastructure of the future look like? And how do we ensure that the materials we use in this transition are reused? Thought leaders, industry experts, researchers and designers will share their insights and update you on promising developments and potential future routes to circularity in this area. Also, this is the kick-off of the What if Lab: Upcycled Turbines. The selected designers are contributing in the form of reflections. Read more about this event here.