1 July 2021 News

These studios are participating in ‘Connected Generations’!

In What if Lab: Connected generations, a collaboration with ActiZ, Studio Anne Ligtenberg and We are Social Rebels will design future-proof care for the elderly.

This What if Lab has a slightly different format than usual. From all the applications, two design studios were selected to work on a final concept. Each of these studios will work on a specific theme and design question. Studio Anne Ligtenberg will focus on Products & Services and We are Social Rebels will concentrate on New Forms of Living.

Studio Anne Ligtenberg

Studio Anne Ligtenberg believes in the communicative power of design. The studio develops tools that allow people to express themselves more effectively. With their work, they clarify and discuss social issues. When people understand each other better, they can also help each other better. This is exactly why, according to them, design in the social domain is so important.

In this What if Lab, the studio wants to explore the idea of self-reliance. “We are very interested in how we design care. How do you ask for care, how do you offer care and what kind of reciprocity is there? This What if Lab gives us the opportunity to explore our idea of co-reliance in close collaboration with others.”

We are Social Rebels

Social design studio We are Social Rebels fights for a society in which everyone participates as they please. A society that puts people first and lets everyone contribute according to their own talents. Their design studio questions and changes the system where needed.

When it comes to the elderly, We are Social Rebels speaks of aging-in, instead of aging-out. “Older people want to participate and contribute in their own way. Society must seize this opportunity and involve the elderly in a way that supports what they want and are able to do. In this What if Lab, we get the chance to design a new housing concept together with the elderly.”