17 October 2023 News

These designers are stimulating circularity in wind energy with Vattenfall

What do we do with the materials from decommissioned wind turbines from wind farms that have reached the operational lifespan of 30 years? Recycling is a step in the right direction. However, the innovation team within Vattenfall recognises that there is untapped potential in directly reusing parts from these decommissioned wind farms. Vattenfall and What if Lab are joining forces with designers to develop new scenarios in which wind farms have a small to no material footprint. Who are the participating designers? And what are they looking forward to? Let us introduce them to you!
Jasper Manders, Sonja Draskovic & Ronald Schleurholts from Cepezed


Since its establishment in 1973, cepezed has worked on adaptive, circular buildings designed as smart construction kits of prefabricated elements. Over the years, this construction package has been broadened with prefabricated building elements made of renewable bio-based raw materials or, on the contrary, reused building materials.

“cepezed is constantly searching for and introducing materials from other industries into the often somewhat conservative construction sector. With a group of inspiring designers and the professionals of Vattenfall, we hope to innovate, surprise and inspire again.” – Jim Navarro

Chris Kievid © Maarten de Groot

Interactivist (Chris Kievid)

Interactivist, founded by Chris Kievid, is a progressive design collective where innovation, interaction, and activism merge. Fueled by curiosity, the studio harnesses cross-domain thinking to tackle environmental challenges, using urban environments as the canvas for exploration and interaction. They are renowned for designing immersive, large-scale works of art that craft transformative narratives. 

“This What if Lab beckons with a promise of transformation. I eagerly await joining this exceptional team of experts and with combined strength, addressing the unpredictable and unexpected. My ambition is to unveil a spectrum of untapped possibilities. I envision a future fueled by renewed purpose and sustainable innovation, where we see decommissioned turbines as more than discarded tech and materials.” – Chris Kievid

Team Studio Carbon

Studio Carbon

Studio Carbon is a global design agency with integrated expertise in industrial design, communication design, UI/UX design, and design strategy. They partner with transformative businesses, institutes, and governments to create solutions that are scalable and holistic. With a portfolio ranging from solutions for sustainable diamonds to satellite interfaces, cow waste, and brain headsets. They believe design is a superpower that transcends sectors, driven by its unique ability to question the status quo. 

“Energy has a deep relationship with innumerable aspects of our society –  lifestyle, culture, choices, and behaviours. With global energy transitioning towards renewable and regenerative sources, it’s a significant opportunity for us to redesign that relationship. That relationship is what we’re most excited to co-create with an energy stalwart like Vattenfall.” – Itika Gupta

Team Superuse


Superuse is an international collective of architects for circular and sustainable design. They don’t see design as a linear process but a circular one of use and reuse. The focus is on the hidden properties of used materials and how they can add value to new products and buildings. Their work is based on the Blue Economy, a holistic view of nature, humanity and the economy with the aim of eliminating waste by allowing everything to return to the material chain.

“From Superuse, we have already gained a lot of experience in designing with wind turbine blades in recent years, with our spinoff Blade-Made focusing entirely on reusing them. I am looking forward to learning more about all the other parts of the wind turbine in the What If Lab. I see an opportunity to list all the parts made of glass fibre and epoxy and come up with concrete spatial applications where as little material as possible will become waste.” – Jos de Krieger

The kick off of this lab will be on 24 October during the expert session on circularity in wind energy by Vattenfall. Keep an eye on our social media for updates in this lab!