Create a Challenge

FAQ - General
For whom is What if Lab intended?

Commissioning parties, i.e. clients (government organisations and non-governmental), can submit a 'challenge'. Designers can then sign up online to participate in this challenge. For some challenges, we are also looking for project managers to supervise the processes. They can also apply online.

Is there a maximum to the number of projects I can participate in?

No. Designers and Lab Managers can sign up for any open What if Lab. Please pay close attention to whether the design challenge fits your work and your schedule. Following registration, a selection procedure will take place, after which you will be informed if you have been selected to participate.

FAQ - Client
What kinds of questions can What if Lab help me with?

Is your organisation facing a complex issue that you cannot solve yourself or would you like to introduce a new perspective on it within your organisation? Then What if Lab is right for you.

What added value does design contribute to my issue?

Designers see things differently, with fresh eyes. They can help to develop a new perspective for complex issues that companies are unable to solve internally.

What is the lead time for a What if Lab?

That depends entirely on your design question and the corresponding What if Lab type (click here for the different types). An average What if Lab has a lead time of a few months.

What happens when What if Lab comes to an end?

It is our objective to create sustainable long-term collaborations between clients and design studios. In addition, there is the possibility, by mutual consent, to participate in Dutch Design Week.

How does What if Lab deal with Intellectual Property?

We believe it is important that there are clear agreements on this for all parties, which is why these are communicated in advance in the participation conditions.

What does a What if Lab cost?

This too depends entirely on your design question and the corresponding What if Lab type. However, it is our aim to be as transparent as possible: click here for more information on the different types and associated costs.

What do I get for setting up a What if Lab?

The goal is to obtain innovative ideas and/or solutions for the submitted issue (depending on the type of What if Lab and desired end result). Sustainable, achievable and future-proof results are the goal.