10 March 2022 News

Are you the social designer that reclassering Nederland is looking for?

Reclassering Nederland has posted a vacancy for a social designer who is committed to a safe and inclusive society. An important step in the permanent positioning of design thinking within social organisations.

Reclassering Nederland contributes to the safety of the society by preventing the repetition of criminal behaviour and preventing new victims. In the WDE Talk of the Embassy of Safety, RenĂ© Poort of Reclassering Nederland already announced; social designers should be systematically involved in social issues. Therefore, they are looking for a social designer for the Policy department who is curious and has a fresh perspective on Reclassering’s work. Someone who speaks out about what is important, even if it means that something has to be done radically differently. Someone who is convinced that anything is possible and who knows how to inspire others with this attitude.

Are you the social designer they are looking for? Read more about the vacancy here!