Daphna Laurens
7 March 2024 News

A new entrance for Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the design capital of the Netherlands, but this is not (yet) sufficiently visible to everyone. In October, during Dutch Design Week, you see design everywhere in the city. But where in the public space do you see it the rest of the year? To change that, Eindhoven Design District (EDD) called on Eindhoven-based designers to design a new entry into Eindhoven. Design studio Daphna Laurens took on the challenge. Curious about the concept? Then read on!
Visuals by ffform
Visual by ffform

The concept

To give shape to this brief, the design studio searched for ‘the common denominator’, a shared foundation that cross-disciplinary creative processes. In doing so, two concepts have become guiding principles in the design process of the ‘iconic entry’: transform and connect. Almost literally, they give shape to these fundamentals of (successful) creative processes, in a curved and connected interplay of lines.

Visual by ffform

And what does the municipality of Eindhoven think? “Daphna Laurens’ design is an asset for the to be developed area and its residents in which Eindhoven as design capital puts itself in the spotlight,” says Monique Esselbrugge, Alderman for higher and vocational education, mobility, city centre and Design District.

“What If Lab ensured that we took note of this demand from EDD. The programme facilitated the meetings and presentation moments, and will now also supervise the realisation process. This allows us as a design agency to devote our full attention and time to the design.” – Daphna Laurens

What now?

This concept is currently being refined so that the realisation of the design in the city can begin in the coming months. We are now looking for the right collaborative partners to explore the limits of possibilities in terms of materials, light, etc. We are aiming for a 14.5-metre-high installation. Can you already see it standing in the city?

With Eindhoven Design District (EDD), we make the city’s design DNA visible and experienceable. EDD originated from a collaboration between the municipality of Eindhoven, city marketing party Eindhoven365 and Dutch Design Foundation. EDD focuses on the social and societal added value of design: how does design contribute to sustainable, smart and pleasant living together?